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Dashvara Trilogy

Kaoseto - Dashvara Trilogy

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Buy on amazon. Book 1, The Prince of the Sand, Book 2, The Lord of the Slaves, (currently being translated). Book 3, The Eternal Bird.

“Today you have to be the strongest man of all, son. After we deliver you, you will survive, and we will die.”

When the Xalya Dungeon is about to fall under the attack of an alliance of savages, the last steppe lord entrusts his firstborn with a painful mission: Dashvara has to pass himself off as a member of an enemy clan, as a Shalussi, in order to take a shameful revenge. Forced to see his people killed or enslaved, this heartbroken but still proud and humorous steppeman will soon be dragged in a surprising adventure that will shake his believes and his will.

This trilogy tells the story of Dashvara's life in Hareka, a world of guilds, brotherhoods and free peoples; a world of natural magic; a world unfair and harsh at times, but also warm and moving.

Books of the trilogy: The Prince of the Sand (book 1), The Lord of the Slaves (book 2), The Eternal Bird (book 3).

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