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Kaoseto - Dashvara Trilogy

The Dashvara Trilogy: Book 1, The Prince of the Sand, 490 pages. Release date: 10/10/2016. Book 2, The Lord of the Slaves, 630 pages (currently being translated). Release expected for 2017. Book 3, The Eternal Bird, work in progress.

The first book, The Prince of the Sand, is available from Amazon!

Author's note: If you read this book and you consider it deserves better than to get lost in the depths of Amazon, I encourage you to post a review about your feelings. I would be grateful! :)

“The Eternal Bird, for many, is a synonym of domination, slavery, and repression.” But for us, the Xalyas, it is the symbol of the Dahars, which implies dignity, trust, and brotherhood.

Dashvara of Xalya is the firstborn of the last steppe lord, a “son” of the Eternal Bird, instructed in the precepts of the ancient wise men. When the Xalya Dungeon is about to fall under the attack of an alliance of savages, Dashvara is compelled to obey his father's orders and to pass himself off as a member of an enemy clan, as a Shalussi, in order to take a shameful and stealthy revenge. This heartbroken and yet proud and sarcastic steppeman, forced to see his people being killed or enslaved, will be dragged through unexpected paths in an unknown world that will shake his believes and his sense of honor.

“[…] He let himself fall onto the ground with a feeling of complete, endless, and terrible emptiness. He was finally utterly convinced that he had changed into a cold and dead statue. He didn't know how long he stayed there, lying on the ground, gazing at the sky without seeing it, letting the pain overpower him, crush him, and freeze his blood to death. Afterwards, strong hands gripped him and led him into the healer's tent. He let the savages guide him as one guides a lost child. That is what I am, he thought. He was not a knight of the Dahars anymore. He was not a Xalya of the Eternal Bird. He was Odek. A savage.

A damned Shalussi.”

The story of the Dashvara Trilogy takes place in the western part of Hareka, a world regulated by natural energies, where different humanoid races and civilizations live together, generally organized into brotherhoods, guilds, and fellowships.

The Prince of the Sand is the first book of this new trilogy. The second book, The Lord of the Slaves, will come out in 2018. The Eternal Bird will put an end to the series.

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