Fantasy books by Kaoseto

Welcome! I am Kaoseto, a Basque Franco-Spanish writer. On this website, you will find all my fantasy books published under a Creative Commons By license.

Most of my books are written in Spanish and translated into French, but last December 2020, I just started a new story in English (which will be translated into French as well).

All my stories are character-driven and tend to show a positive way of thinking. The style is light in descriptions, with many dialogues and thoughts.


I was revived by my best friend (2021-?)

Tags: fantasy, slice of life, comedy, non-human lead, necromancy, superpowers.

You will find the newest chapters on Royal Road!


After my unexpected death, I learned that my best friend is the son of a great necromancer!

My friend spent years running away from his dad, but there he is now, learning the ins and outs of necromancy at a fast pace, all for my sake.

As for me, I’m happy to be still around and kicking. Bit by bit, I’m adapting to my new life as an undead. So many things have changed: my everyday life, my senses, my view of the world and necromancy… Luckily, I kept my soul! That’s cool because I kept my memories, but that also means I’m… just me. My high-school grades aren’t going to improve miraculously!

This slice-of-life, urban fantasy saga tells the story of a high-schooler undead, his master, and their companions. It takes place in a world of superpowers and qi practitioners, two thousand years after our Earth was pierced by a rain of giant Crystals and everything teleported away: cities, monuments, forests, and even mountains got shuffled!

I, Mor-eldal (trilogy, 2017-2018)

Tags: urban fantasy, comedy, slice of life, street child, gangs. Length: ~350k words, ~1200 pages.

I, Mor-eldal is a fantasy trilogy written between 2017 and 2018 and currently being translated into English. I am releasing the newest chapters on Royal Road.


As a budding little necromancer, I soon discovered that the world of city people is complicated. When my master kicked me out of the cave, he warned me not to talk about my “dark” magic, because people here don’t like the undead. I am not really an undead, I just have a skeleton hand, but it is better to be careful. Anyway, that’s not my biggest worry.

In the Black Dagger brotherhood, I learn a lot of things, such as illusionist magic, which turns out to be quite handy to survive in this maze of streets: in the Cat Quarter, we have thugs of all kinds that are best avoided. But we also have good people, goodhearted “gwaks”, as we say around here.

Little did I know that I would soon be caught up in an infamous traffic that would entangle my life even more.

With a mix of lighthearted adventure and picaresque, this story narrates the hectic life of a good-spirited street child and his companions in a medieval urban fantasy setting with some nineteenth-century influences.

Dashvara Trilogy (2016-2018)

Tags: epic fantasy, comedy, drama, slavery, philosophy, slice of life. Length: ~400k words, ~1500 pages.

Written in 2016-2018, translated into English in 2021.


“Today you have to be the strongest man of all, son. After we deliver you, you will survive, and we will die.”

When the Xalya Dungeon is about to fall under the attack of an alliance of savages, the last lord of the steppe entrusts his firstborn with a painful mission: Dashvara has to pass himself off as a member of an enemy clan, as a Shalussi, to exact revenge in a shameful way. Forced to see his people killed or enslaved, this heartbroken but still proud and humorous steppe man will soon be dragged in a surprising adventure that will shake his will and beliefs.

This story follows Dashvara as he struggles through foreign lands and discovers that the world is not only made of deserts and horses but also of “civilized” societies with strong bureaucracy and slave-based systems.

The fantasy setting has some ancient Roman influences. Also, expect a bit of slice-of-life and comedy along Dashvara’s philosophical journey.



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