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Dashvara Trilogy

1 Gallery: Maps

Note: These maps show the World of Hareka, where the story of the Dashvara Trilogy takes place. All the maps are under the cc-by 4.0 license.

To see the last version of the maps, go to the page of the Hareka maps on the website of the project.

Hareka World Maps: the Bayland
Bayland — Hareka World
Dashvara, fantasy: Map of Hareka
Western Lands
Undergrounds, level 1, Hareka, Shaedra
The Undergrounds - level 1
Mapa del nivel
        2 de los Subterráneos
The Undergrounds - level 2
Dashvara, Hareka: Map of the Rocdinfer Steppe
The Rocdinfer Steppe
Terrain Map
        of Ajensoldra
Terrain map of Ajensoldra