MORJI_CONFIG(5) File Formats Manual MORJI_CONFIG(5)


morji_configmorji initialization file


The morji initialization file is a Tcl script executed in the namespace morji::config. The following commands are predefined:
markup name type arg
Define a new markup command named name in the namespace morji::config::markup. If the type argument is styled then arg can be any of: bold, dim, italic, underline, blink, revers, hidden, strike. If the type argument is colored then arg can be any of: black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white or default.
The EDITOR variable can be set to define the external command to use for editing commands. Note: If this variable is not defined, the environment variable of the same name is used.
The FUZZY_FINDER variable can be set to an external fuzzy finder for use in the fact finding action to interactively select a fact, in place of entering manually the fact number.


The init.tcl file can be, for example:
markup alert colored red 
markup example styled italic 
set EDITOR /usr/local/bin/vim
This defines two markup commands alert and example. The first uses red coloration and the second italic style, see morji_facts(5) for their usage. The third line defines /usr/local/bin/vim as the command to run to edit cards.
More involved markup commands can be defined as Tcl procedures in the markup subnamespace.


morji(1), morji_facts(5)
June 12, 2017 OpenBSD 6.1