MORJI(1) General Commands Manual MORJI(1)


morjisimple flashcard program


morji [-n] [-v] [-c config-file] [-f dbfile] [-w width] [-x script]


morji is a simple flashcard program for the terminal. It uses a modified version of the SM2 algorithm to schedule cards for review.
The options are as follows:
-c config-file
Specify a custom config file location.
-f dbfile
Specify a custom database file location.
Do not clear screen at each card revision.
Show version number.
-w width
Set text width for question/answers.
-x script
Execute a Tcl script to perform operations on the database with access to functions in the morji:: namespace. Note: interface is subject to change.
Help on key-bindings is available from within the user interface.
Actions that ask to select or deselect tags use glob pattern matching: in particular ‘*’ can be used to mean “any sequence of characters”. The find action uses glob pattern matching too, but ‘*’ is implicitly added at the start and at the end of the pattern.


The default initialization script path. See morji_config(5) for the syntax of this file. If the variable XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not defined, the path ~/.config/ is used instead.
The default database path. If the variable XDG_DATA_HOME is not defined, the path ~/.local/share/ is used instead.


morji_config(5), morji_facts(5)
December 9, 2017 OpenBSD 6.1